Hayes Travelers Scholarship

The Hayes Travelers Scholarship provides financial grants for students at Clark Atlanta University and Florida A&M University who are interested in traveling abroad for the first time.  To qualify, all applicants must be first time travelers and maintain a 3.3 GPA.


To increase the number of HBCU students traveling abroad.

In 2009, Calvin and Michael met in the international terminal of John F. Kennedy airport in New York. The story goes, Michael walked up to Calvin and exclaimed, “You look like me, what’s your name?” After a short conversation, and a few calls, they realized not only were they both headed to Israel for a study abroad program but that they were also cousins.

Calvin and Michael’s common passion for traveling, service, and public speaking was the catalyst for the creation of the Hayes Travelers Scholarship. By investing in the next generation of leaders they will continue to exemplify their strong commitment to the community – in the US and abroad.

Currently, the Hayes duo represent their country abroad as United States Diplomats with the Department of State.


an ordained minister and former SGA Vice-President of ‘THE’ Florida A&M University, has never shied away from Defining the Moment. His proposal at his alma mater’s homecoming to wife, Kindall “Sunshine” at the 50-yard line on ESPN exemplifies his creativity, charisma, and confidence.


an entrepreneur and former management consultant lives by his alma mater, Clark Atlanta University’s, motto, “I will find a way or make one.” His proposal in the South Court auditorium of the [Obama] White House, where he met his wife Ashley three years previous, is a testament to his values rooted in tradition, achievement and responsibility.