Our Programs

Travel Programs


Our programs will create positive linkages overseas through Travel Excursions, University Exchanges, and local government visits.

Each program will be curated to the needs of our travelers and provide planning, logistical support, an experienced travel leader, and in country travel costs. 

Travel Excursions / University Exchanges

The goal of these programs is to provide students with a global          perspective.  Through our programming, we train aspiring leaders to effectively support companies and better serve in their respective communities with a global focus. 

Eligible Students

  • Currently enrolled in Community College/HBCU
  • 3.3 GPA

Government Administration/Delegations

CTF leads delegations to support the establishment of educational ties between universities, city to city programs, and partnership opportunities.

    Business Without Borders (Coming Soon In 2022)

    The Business without Borders (BWB) connects college students with a start-up company overseas for a short-term internship during the summer.  More details to come soon in 2022!