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Our Story

In a proposal to the U.S. Citizens for Diplomacy conference Michael Hayes presented a plan to increase student engagement in global affairs. He shared his opinion that “economic growth does not only stem from public-private partnerships and international trade agreements, but that it can be augmented by increased educational opportunities.” Utilizing this blueprint he founded the Cornelius Travelers Foundation (CTF).

Named after his great grandfather, Cornelius, the Foundation was initially a scholarship idea to incentivize African Americans to travel. 

Our team has since created a foundation, which offers one annual scholarship and two travel programs focused on cultivating relationships and encouraging connectivity throughout the African Diaspora and beyond. To date, our collective experience involves  sending 50+ students to engage in communities overseas. Our organization will continue to serve as a bridge to connect the next generation of leaders with various countries around the world. 

Our Mission

Created in 2015, the Cornelius Travelers Foundation, Inc. (CTF) exposes Young Leaders to international affairs and prepares them for global opportunities. Incorporated as a 501 c (3) nonprofit organization the foundation facilitates Travel abroad, Educational and Business exchange, and Professional training. The mission of the CTF is to strengthen educational and economic ties between the U. S. and other countries through people to people connections.

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