Our Clients

Colleges and Universities

We are proud to serve the future of American and global practitioners by offering outstanding college and university students with the proper training and skills to apply their talents from a global perspective.

U.S. Government and Federal Agencies

We offer our services to help strengthen the capacity of the U.S. Department of Education, U.S. State Department and other federal agencies aimed at building partnerships with overseas institutions around the globe. We provide: exchange programs, business and economic development training, and service initiatives in foreign nations.​

Technology and Social Media Firms

We seek to train Technology students and young professionals about the skills, focus, and environmental knowledge necessary to expand into foreign markets.​

Religious Institutions

We offer training on the social, cultural, and religious aspects of tribal and secular beliefs in selective foreign countries. Additionally, we are focused on helping to increase humanitarian service capacity for mission trips and development projects.​

Community and Non-Profit Organizations

Our focus is specifically aimed at helping train students and young adults to acquire the skills necessary to efficiently navigate overseas projects around the globe.

Businesses and Corporations

As an organization focused on training university students for careers in the private sector, we are well-fit to provide services to businesses and organizations that look to: develop current and future employees with skills to operate in foreign countries, increase their community service capacities, and improve training operations around the globe.